Shonagh Home is a teacher, counselor, author and poet. Of Celtic heritage, she follows the wisdom of the ancients, inspired by the Ban Draoi (dree) and fili, (Gaelic for a Celtic medicine woman/seer/poet). As a modern medicine woman she brings her connection to nature and the spirit worlds into her counseling practice and one-one-one retreat offerings, working with clients from around the world. Her work consists of deep, psycho-spiritual exploration, delving into the rich territory of the psyche. She has studied with master teachers and for the last 13 years has apprenticed herself to the mushroom teachers, who’ve led her into profound connection with the spirits of nature and her ancestral roots. She is author of the recently published, Poetic Whispers from the Cauldron of the Otherworld, and host of The Mushroom’s Apprentice podcast.

Shonagh is an independent thinker and ever curious about the deeper layers of reality. She digs beneath the surface story in an effort to see the bigger picture and gain greater understanding while utilizing her intuition and insight. She finds the psyche endlessly fascinating and is in awe of its great depth and mystery. She loves to learn and has been an autodidact for the greater part of her life. Her favorite saying goes, “Every man has two educations. The first, he is given. The second, more important, he gives to himself.” Shonagh showers her clients and loved ones with wisdom, compassion, humor and nurturing. She is the proud mother of two amazing daughters and will be a lifelong passionate student of the mystery.


Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine: Creativity, Ecstasy, and Healing I am honored to be a contributor to Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine.  This book explores the transformative powers of feminine consciousness and altered states revealed by contributors from many paths – scholars, visionary artists, anthropologists, modern shamans,  psychotherapists, and more. It explores the archetypal dimensions of the feminine principle and  the ways in which  entheogens offer open access to these ancient archetypes, including goddess consciousness and the dark feminine. Contributors examine the female roots of shamanism, including the role of women in the ancient rites of Dionysus, the Eleusinian Sacrament, and Norse witchcraft. Also discussed are  psychedelic and embodied paths to ecstasy, such as trance dance and holotropic breathwork, as well as the similarities between giving birth and taking mind-altering drugs. This is a rich exploration into  the power of plant medicines  and the recasting of the medicine-woman archetype for the modern world.

Love and Spirit Medicine Love and Spirit Medicine chronicles my life-changing mystical journey through the ending of my marriage and my explorations into the realms of the sacred mushroom. It details a year of monthly shamanic journeys under the tutelage of the mushroom spirits within the classroom of the forest. This is a woman’s telling – raw, vulnerable, and honest. It offers hard-won wisdom as I traverse a dark night of the soul and emerge whole and greatly resourced as a result of the multiple initiations I faced during that profound time of my life. This book is a love story that shares what can happen when an intrepid woman steps off the well-trodden path of convention and enters into the mystical realms of the ancient nature teachers.

Ix Chel Wisdom: 7 Teachings from the Mayan Sacred Feminine I was initiated into the mysteries of Ix Chel (pronounced eeshell), the Mayan Mother Goddess, through a shamanic ceremony in the Yucatan with my teacher, Miguel Angel Vergara. That initiation opened a door to subtle messages that I received when I tuned into the energy of Ix Chel. This book is a love letter to women, consisting of 7 rituals that are done to honor the goddess within.  It is a treasure box of wisdom for women of all ages.

Poetic Whispers from the Cauldron of the Otherworld is a unique magical manual. Running fluidly throughout the book are poetic transmissions from the realm of Faerie, accessed through multi-dimensional states of consciousness via psilocybin mushrooms and other alpha and theta states. The Otherworld poetry serves to unlock the imagination, animating creativity, intuition and inspiration – essential nourishment for magic to flourish. In this way the reader is invited to break the spell of societal conditioning to tap the inborn, infinite power of Mind allied with the exquisite generosity of Nature’s emissaries of the unseen world. Shonagh stirs the folk soul with her essays on the beautiful faerie lore of the Celts, the training of the seer poets of Old Ireland, and her magical experiences in apprenticing herself to the mushroom teachers. For those who know there is far more than meets the eye in this complex world, this book will confirm that knowing and deliver a unique magical transmission that will speak to the soul and open the heart.
Published by Logosophia Books.