Welcome! Here, you'll find my Mentoring Sessions, One-On-One Retreats, Courses, Podcast, and Books. As well, I explore Magical and Medicinal Mushrooms and other subjects dear to my heart from my years of exploration and study - Celtic myth and the Faerie realms, Depth Work with the Psyche, Suppressed and so-called, "Alternative" Healing Modalities, Ancestral Wisdom, Natural and Equity Law, the Trivium and the Logical Fallacies. This is my portal through which I will share the knowledge and wisdom I have accrued over the course of my life and especially for the past 13 years as apprentice to the mushroom teachers, who offer guidance through Poetic Transmissions and other means for these challenging times. I hope there will be some gems here for you to discover.

Sessions & Retreats


This four-day one-on-one immersion is a deep dive into the mystery and majesty of you. This is for someone who is ready to heal, unfold, and deepen through a unique experience that weaves the psychotherapeutic, the mystical and the intelligences of nature, delivering a life-changing experience that will carry you forward in profound ways. 


My individual therapy and couple’s counseling sessions are probing and revelatory, taking clients to unresolved, emotional material where the gems of insight and wisdom can be found. Healing takes dedication and a willingness to do the work required to resolve and move forward.  When one sees with new eyes it is as if a spell has been broken. In this way my clients are able to shed their demons, reconcile events and shift patterns, resulting in new levels of emotional and spiritual maturity and happiness. 

Client Testimonials

Shonagh has a wide variety of modalities to draw from and a deeply intuitive sensitivity that will begin to deconstruct the obstacles that are standing in the way of your true self-expression. Whether these obstacles are the applied cultural standards, childhood or intergenerational trauma, depression, anxiety…all of this with a genuine, loving and compassionate desire to have her clients recognize and reclaim their power and align that power with personal responsibility, reestablishing one’s original moral imperative. Shonagh witnesses in neutrality, holding space with love and acceptance without judgment, or as a corrective prescription, allowing you to see yourself, maybe for the first time as NOT broken. I have spent approximately 10 years reading books, listening to podcasts, going to seminars and gathering information as it appears. Working with Shonagh has provided a quantum leap forward in personal progress. When I feel that I have personally integrated this retreat process I will return for another.
~James C., New York

Several months ago, I sought Shonagh out because I was in transition and wanted guidance in moving forward in creating something new in my life, especially in my work. I have been a couple’s therapist for 35 years and a new calling has been “flirting” with me for a long time. So many fears and negative thoughts have stopped me from changing what has been a very successful career for me. What has helped me so much in my work with Shonagh is her capacity to see the bigger picture and to mirror back my higher soul purpose and the strength she sees in me. Shonagh’s heart and creativity are her best assets as well as her ability to connect to transpersonal energies that are always there to help us. When you get stuck in your limitations and programming, Shonagh is there so open you to a wider perspective. Thank you, dear sister!
~Martha L. LCSW, Darien, CT

My experiences with Shonagh are almost impossible to sum up in words, as every moment spent with her was profound, healing and overall quite serendipitous. I came to Shonagh to seek healing and reassurance in my battle against cancer, and what I received was a shift in spirit that I don’t think anyone could ever have anticipated. Through her attentiveness, healing therapies and generous heart, Shonagh helped me transform from an empty shell to a conscious being. Shonagh’s comforting presence and patience enabled me to give my soul a voice, and when the words finally erupted from my core I experienced what I consider to be a break-through moment. I was fortunate to spend weeks working with Shonagh, and while I still have the cancer inside my body, I can say that spiritually, mentally and emotionally, this outstanding woman brought healing to my life on levels that are far deeper and more relevant than any conventional treatment could have ever provided. I have a newfound strength that is fearless, and when stress, challenges and obstacles come my way I return to those moments with her and give any negative emotions I have, a voice. I encourage you to introduce yourself to her, whether it is for shamanic therapy, or to simply be close to someone who is radiant and full of life. Shonagh, my love and appreciation for you grows by the day and I think of you often. Thank you for coming into my journey and for reminding me that I am Love and I am Loved. You are a gift!
~Jennifer J., Phoenix, AZ

Shonagh, I can’t thank you enough for restoring my mental health! For the first time in a long time I’m looking forward to the future! I have learned more about my self in the five days with you than I have in my whole lifetime!! I am also excited to continue learning whatever the Ancient Ones want to reveal to me! Give your sweet kitties a hug from me!
~Lauren, Minnesota


Shamanic Poetry

The reciting of poetic prose while in high trance states is an ancient form of shamanic practice. The oracles of the Greek temples prophesied and counseled in poetry and many medicine men and women such as the Mazatec and the Maya, spoke poetically while under the influence of mushrooms or other entheogenic substances.

Logic & Reason

Logic is the use of critical thinking to evaluate information, arguments and reasoning. There are principles and criteria such as the Trivium and the Logical Fallacies that provide the foundation for clear, critical thinking. In this way we are able to separate truth from falsehood and reason from unreason. 

Natural & Equity Law

Natural Law is a body of unwritten, universal and spiritual Laws that are intuitive and knowable by simple observation, reason, common sense and deduction. “By your actions, ye shall be known.” ‘Equity is the unwritten law founded in justice and fair-dealing, which seeks a more adequate remedy than available at common law. A maxim of Equity states: Law is nothing without Equity and Equity is everything, even without the Law. 


Fate, Planetary Influences and More, with Astrologist Elsa Panizzon • Episode 40 • Free •


Love & Spirit Medicine

Love and Spirit Medicine chronicles Shonagh’s mystical journey through the end of her marriage into a focused, shamanic exploration of entheogenic mushrooms. 

Ix'Chel Wisdom

This little book is a love letter to women. It contains 7 messages that invite the reader into connection with the mother goddess, Ix Chel, to honor themselves as reflections of the Divine Feminine. 

Poetic Whispers

Poetic Whispers from the Cauldron of the Otherworld is a unique magical manual. Running fluidly throughout the book are poetic transmissions from the realm of Faerie, accessed through multi-dimensional states.