Poetic Whispers


Poetic Whispers from the Cauldron of the Otherworld is a unique magical manual. Running fluidly throughout the book are poetic transmissions from the realm of Faerie, accessed through multi-dimensional states of consciousness via psilocybin mushrooms and other alpha and theta states. The Otherworld poetry serves to unlock the imagination, animating creativity, intuition and inspiration – essential nourishment for magic to flourish. In this way the reader is invited to break the spell of societal conditioning to tap the inborn, infinite power of Mind allied with the exquisite generosity of Nature’s emissaries of the unseen world. Shonagh stirs the folk soul with her essays on the beautiful faerie lore of the Celts, the training of the seer poets of Old Ireland, and her magical experiences in apprenticing herself to the mushroom teachers. For those who know there is far more than meets the eye in this complex world, this book will confirm that knowing and deliver a unique magical transmission that will speak to the soul and open the heart.



Poetic Whispers is a timely gift from a rare being. Simultaneously a scholar and seer, Shonagh Home offers us a beautifully researched and written review of the literature describing the mythological lore of Britain and Ireland, alongside her rich descriptions of deep personal transformation in apprenticeship with visionary mushrooms and Gaia. Her resultant poetic transmissions from the realm of the Sidhe call into question how “mythical” these tales of old are in actuality, illustrating instead how limited our senses have become in our exponentially advancing technological age. This excellent book, in the words of the Fae teachers who whisper in Shonagh’s ears, “confers wisdom to those who come with humble hearts, retreating from the madness of crowds” to find a calling to return to service in the realm of deep time, to speak and hear the healing truths we all so crave in an age of insanity. ~ Sean Patrick Hatt, Ph.D., Transpersonal Clinical Psychologist
A charmingly eloquent journey into the heartland of the Sidhe, the fairy realms. Infused with the fiery fairy power of inspiration, Shonagh’s poetry shines a light on the spiritual reality of life, as she engages with the nature beings in shamanic states of super-awareness. We can share in the wise counsel offered. The messages have universal resonance and they encourage us to follow a sensitive path and protect our mother planet. ~ Alanna Moore, Australian-Irish Geomancer and Author
Shonagh Home remains a beacon for many of us across the globe as an embodiment of the Filí, an ancient Irish shamanistic art form of channeling the spirits through poetry. The memory, wisdom and connection to the unseen realms is alive in these pages. The medicine of the Shining Ones is received as we explore the written words within this book, and as we speak the words aloud. The invitation to find our way back to these paths of the Sidhe, the Shining Ones, to understand that they are a living current, this is the gift that Shonagh shares with us and a gift that is available to us all, if we just open our senses to listen. Here, we find our way back to the natural rhythms of the earth. ~ Cathy Coyle - Ban Draoi

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