Therapy with Spirit

My individual therapy and couple’s counseling sessions are probing and revelatory, taking clients to unresolved, emotional material where the gems of insight and wisdom can be found. Healing takes dedication and a willingness to do the work required to resolve and move forward.  When one sees with new eyes it is as if a spell has been broken. In this way my clients are able to shed their demons, reconcile events and shift patterns, resulting in new levels of emotional and spiritual maturity and happiness. 

Sessions available via Zoom or Phone 


(From the wife of a client):


You are my fairy godmother/mushroom princess (our nicknames for you). I can not thank you enough for all that you have already done for us.  It’s been years since I’ve seen him lit up. Your words and wisdom are really touching him and I see him healing. Thank you just doesn’t quite cut it….


Jessica W., MI

“My work with Shonagh began about 4 months ago when I sought her out for help with my depression over the death of my wife. Prior to that, I wound my way through a few therapists, all of whom prescribed anti-depressants, which only deadened my senses and kept me in a kind of emotional holding zone. The result was 3 years of “going through the motions” with no sense of aliveness. I’m afraid I came to Shonagh out of desperation – she was a “last resort” for me. Well, life works in surprising ways.

 Shonagh’s “medicine” consists of an uncanny ability to go far beyond what she calls “the surface story” and call up the underlying causative layers. She possesses tremendous insight that has conveyed a sense of found wisdom for me. She is a spirit medium, which lends mystical and surprisingly profound aspects to our sessions. As a result of committed and consistent work with her I am off the anti-depressants. I have a newfound appreciation for the mystery of life AND death AND my own soul’s mystery.

​I feel as if I have awakened from a long sleep. I am spending dedicated time in nature, both hiking and just being still, and I have reentered relationship for the first time in years, with a clear sense of my own purpose and a mature appreciation for the temporal quality of life. This testimonial cannot come close to expressing how impressed I am with the level of integrity and wisdom this fine medicine woman possesses. I would not hesitate to recommend her, particularly for overcoming intense challenge.”

Robert M., Florida