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Universe Within Podcast: Interviewed by Jason Grechanik.

May 2024: Universe Within Podcast: Interviewed by Jason Grechanik.
Such a wonderful interview! Here I discussed mushrooms, faeries, law, the Trivium and more.

Interviewed by Vanese McNeill of Magical Egypt

May 2024 – Vanese and I discuss my new book, the power of the imagination, magical poetry and more.

Interviewed by Steve and Krys Crimi of Logosophia Books

April 2024 – Steve and Krys are my publishers and this conversation covers the seer poets of Old Ireland, incantatory poetry and lots more.

Interviewed by Diomira Rose from the Elemental Whispers Podcast

April 2024 – Wonderful and deep conversation with Diomira on all things mushroom, Sidhe and the powerful growth and expansion that comes with that.

Interview with Sandie Sedgbeer on OmTimesTV

April 2024 – Sandie interviewed me for her podcast, The No BS Spiritual Book Club, where I talked about ten *spiritual books that impacted my life. I also spoke to my apprenticeship to the mushroom teachers and my new book.

Interviewed by Lindsey Swope of the Gaian Fairy Congress.

November 2023 Lindsey asked me to talk about my relationship with the Sidhe (shee – Irish word for faerie) and share a transmission of poetry.

Interview with Robert Phoenix, Harvest Moon Eclipse Event

October 2023 – A short interview at Robert Phoenix’s Harvest Moon Eclipse Event in Texas where I had the great pleasure the following day…

Teachings from the Mayan Sacred Feminine

J.J. Flizanes is the host of several podcasts and recently interviewed me on my first book, Ix Chel Wisdom. August 2023…

January 2023 Interviewed by Robert Phoenix on the Friday Farcast

Magical Egypt Interview about my new Podcast

October 2022: Vanese McNeill from Magical Egypt interviewed me on the launch of my new podcast, electrical medicine, mushroom…

Meet in the Mushroom host Cathy Coyle

I was recently interviewed by Cathy Coyle from Meet Me In the Mushroom. Here, I share a recent poetic transmission from my January 2022…

January 2022: This is a talk I gave for where I discuss the nature of my retreats and how they work….

Navigating The Unreality. Episode 12: A New Years Catch up with Shonagh Home

Jean Marie and I discuss the state of the world, my retreat offerings and my recent poetic transmission from the green realms….

The Bright Knowledge Episode 2

Vanese and I discuss the healing powers of water and light. 

Beyond Room 313 Podcast w/ Thomas Sheridan and Jason Robba

June 13th 2021 I am interviewed by Thomas Sheridan and Jason Robba from Beyond Room 313 Podcast. Symposium 006 is titled, Sacred…

Astrological Interview with Shonagh Home

April 2021 Jess Lanzilotta interviewed me on her new podcast that explores both the astrology and the interests of her guest. Here, I…

Navigating the Unreality

April 2021: Jean Marie from Navigating the Unreality recently interviewed me. Here we talk about the deeper nature of reality, what we’re…

The Bright Knowledge: Episode One

March 2021: My new podcast, The Bright Knowledge, with my co-host, Vanese McNiell delivers relevant wisdom for our changing times….

Magical Egypt Interview

Interview with Vanese from Magical Egypt where we discuss such subjects as handling lack of reason using the logical fallacies, first…

Jbosacohr – Podcast

Jason Barbosa interviewed me on the subject of the rising of the sacred feminine. June 2019 …

Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast

I was interviewed by Natalie in January 2019. Here I discuss my connection to the Sidhe, breaking spells, the power of words and more….

Medicine Oracle and Spell Breaker

This Psychedelic Salon recording is a talk I gave in Seattle in 2013 where I discuss the reverent use of the mushroom as well as the…

ChangeTruth Interview

Shonagh talks with Carl about mushrooms and poetic inspiration, the relationship between the Celtic people and the fae, spell casting and…

Future Primitive

I am interviewed by Joanna Harcourt-Smith, once the girlfriend of Timothy Leary and now an author and host of this excellent podcast. ​…