Love and Spirit Medicine


Love and Spirit Medicine chronicles my life-changing mystical journey through the ending of my marriage and my explorations into the realms of the sacred mushroom. It details a year of monthly shamanic journeys under the tutelage of the mushroom spirits within the classroom of the forest. This is a woman’s telling – raw, vulnerable, and honest. It offers hard-won wisdom as I traverse a dark night of the soul and emerge whole and greatly resourced as a result of the multiple initiations I faced during that profound time of my life. This book is a love story that shares what can happen when an intrepid woman steps off the well-trodden path of convention and enters into the mystical realms of the ancient nature teachers.

“A sweeping hero’s journey into the mythic realms and magical healing of mushroom shamanism…” ~Talat Jonathan Phillips, co-founder of Evolver



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