manifesting 101

waking the inner magician

Your mind is a Magic Wand and YOU and only YOU set the limits! This 4-part course illustrates the techniques I have used diligently and consistently to correct negative thought patterns and activate an inner magician mind state for highly effective manifesting.

Module 1 –

Working with the Mind

Module 2-

More Manifesting Techniques

Module 3 –

Correcting Negative Thought Patterns

Module 4 –

Right Timing with the Forces of Nature



Waking the Inner Magician


Financial Abundance


Attracting Love



Karin W., Toronto

I don’t usually recommend classes but this one is worth it. Shonagh’s solid wisdom and guidance make clear what so many books and movies cannot – concise steps to take to manifesting your goals. I can’t say enough on how I love this. Shonagh Home has hit her stride. The price is so reasonable. Amazing work and I love doing this course. Thank you, dear Shonagh.

Navya, L., New York

Excellent! Excellent! I love this course so much! It’s so freaking incredible. It’s worth so much more than you’re charging! Kudos to you and thank you!!

Jacqueline K., New York

You have outdone yourself, Shonagh Home! This course is SO relevant and on point! It’s giving me a whole reboot on how I manage my thoughts and my time. I will book a session with you soon and I cannot wait to work with you!

Alice C., Austin, TX

Dear Shonagh,

I have engaged with all of the enchantments and they are AMAZING! And the poetry is absolutely channeled through you – so sweet, so deep and rich! I will start the rest of the course this week and continue with the enchantments that have delighted and touched me deeply. And I have drawn messages and will continue to do so, keeping it all deeply planted and connected to me. Thank you, thank you! Really brilliant gifts, thank you! 

Jan S., Seattle